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¡Ah linen! Cloaking classy gents since ancient time

¡Ah linen! Cloaking classy gents since ancient time

For explorers, pioneers, and adventurers.

Linen is the perfect ally for relaxing and wearing more casual outfits in summer and beyond. It is a myth to say that linen is exclusive to summer; in fact, it is one of the most versatile and easy-to-wear fibers.

For casual and informal occasions, it is a must-have. For example, for a Friday at the office, you can wear a linen shirt, a blazer, and tailored trousers. And please, do not wear a tie with linen shirts.

Feel confident and wear them on business trips. This fiber is incredibly elegant and will benefit you with its versatility.

¿What should you consider when buying or wearing a linen shirt?

  • The idea of linen is that it stays loose-fitting, always buy 1 size smaller than you normally wear. It should never be tight-fitting.
  • Let it be, the shirt is sure to wrinkle, wear it with pride.
  • Remember that our colors improve with time, and you'll probably notice that with each use.
  • Rolling up the sleeves can be an incredible touch of style, but remember it's best to unroll the fabric when storing to maintain its shape.

¿Not sure which color to choose? Write to us for advice: 


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