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Byzantine mosaics are distinguished by their vibrant color palette, featuring shades of ruby red, sapphire blue, and deep gold as emblematic representations of the Byzantine richness, luxury, and strength.

In this collection, we pay tribute to the grandeur of this ancient art.

We draw inspiration from the captivating world of Byzantine mosaics that have left an indelible mark on art history. We adopt their vibrant palette into our prints, meticulously crafted with the finest fabrics and materials, reflecting the same richness and attention to detail that define these timeless masterpieces.

We are thrilled to have achieved a fusion of history, art, and fashion.

Each piece in our Byzantium collection is a testament to the enduring influence of Byzantine mosaics. Through this limited edition, we aim to create our own legacy in the world of fashion, captivating those who appreciate the intersection of art and style. We enable every man to carry with him a masterpiece of history, preserving and honoring the legacy of the Byzantine Empire.

A legacy of greatness.

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