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Business call - soloio

Business call

If you have to travel for business and don't know what to pack for the occasion, we're here to help you with your suitcase.

Let's start with the essentials: a gray suit, two dress shirts, two cotton trousers, a pocket square, a leather belt, a tie, socks, loafers, and a briefcase. With these items, you'll be able to attend any meeting with style and impeccable etiquette.

For a more relaxed afternoon or a lunch outing, remember to pack t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and sunglasses. You can pair them with a linen or cotton blazer and sweaters.

Now, for your personal care, don't forget your toiletry bag with everything you might need during the trip: toothbrush, moisturizer, razor, hairbrush, etc.

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Choose between linen suits as the official uniform for the season or go for a classic style for colder climates, like a cotton suit.

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