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Dress Code for Men: Bogotá

Dress Code for Men: Bogotá

Knowing how to dress in Bogotá may seem obvious to those who have been in the capital for years, but for many, it remains a challenge. Today, we're going to mention some quick and easy looks that you can replicate in any setting.

Suits and their versatile uses

It's essential to have at least one good suit in your wardrobe, even if you don't wear it every day, as well as 1 or 2 silk ties to accompany it. Suits are a basic staple that should be paired with long-sleeved cotton shirts and leather shoes. However, it's important to understand the type of occasion where you'll be wearing it. We've mentioned in previous articles the importance of understanding invitations and circumstances. Remember that 60% of the success of your outfit depends on your ability to interpret the place you're going to and present yourself in the best way possible. For Bogotá, we advise always carrying a sweater that you can wear without a tie to keep warm, or if you prefer, a good wool scarf that matches your suit. It shouldn't be too thick or too long.

Shirts and sweaters

These are two basics that every man should have on their radar. It's a simple and useful combination that you can wear for work lunches, weekends at home, and casual days at the office. The ideal look depends on the colors you use. The sweater should have the stronger color, while the shirt should be a lighter tone. For example, a dark blue sweater with a white long-sleeved shirt. If you opt for patterned shirts, consider the size of the pattern, ensuring it's not too large. If, on the other hand, the sweater has a pattern, try to wear plain-colored shirts without patterns. Pair it with cotton pants and sneakers. Stay warm and well-dressed!

Coats and accessories

A good coat is always a valuable addition, especially in Bogotá. It's not only ideal for sudden weather changes but also one of the most versatile accessories. We recommend colors like camel, gray, dark green, and navy blue as they are easier to combine. You can wear it with cotton or corduroy pants. Don't forget the classic white sneakers to complete the look. To add some color, use scarves with colorful prints, as this will elevate your look.

¿What is your must-have when dressing in Bogotá?

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