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Dress code, how to dress appropriately. - soloio

Dress code, how to dress appropriately.

Dressing appropriately for different occasions can be challenging and, for many, an unknown world. That's why we have created a guide to explain what 'Smart Casual', 'White Tie', 'Cruise', 'Creative Black Tie', and 'Cocktail' mean, as they are the most common dress codes, and how to wear them properly for your next event. Remember to leave your comments at the end and seek advice in our physical stores

Let's start by reminding you that you should always pay attention to the invitation; ignoring the instructions is often the first mistake.

  1. Smart Casual

It's the combination of formal and informal attire. Think of a suit with sneakers or a hoodie with trousers. It's that relaxed and comfortable combination that works well for a business lunch, a meeting after work, or a Friday night out.

¿How can you wear it?

Shirt without a tie, suits with T-shirts, shirt with formal elements, comfortable and elegant shoes, including leather sneakers, Blazers or hoodies instead of sweaters.

  1. White Tie

Although it is a rarely used dress code, it's good to have an idea in mind of what it is and how to wear it. Imagine the typical English formal evening suit, with a long-tailed blazer, waistcoat, pocket square, and bow tie. Sometimes it is worn with top hats and canes. That's the White Tie, a classic and formal look.

¿What should you consider?

The fit of the suit you choose must be exact. Just like any formal attire, measurements are important.

The bow tie, in some invitations, they make sure to provide the color, so read carefully. If it's not specified, the traditional choice is white.

The long jacket or tailcoat, one of the most iconic elements of this style.

  1. Cruise

For a trip or a social event on a yacht, it's important to consider the following when it comes to dressing:

Wear weather-appropriate clothing.

It is acceptable to wear formal attire, but keep in mind that if you are in a warm location, linen would be ideal.

We recommend always bringing casual-sporty clothing and at least one formal outfit

  1. Creative Black Tie

This dress code refers to giving a slight twist to the classic black tie attire. It originated in Hollywood and basically means adding some personality and creativity to your.

¿How to achieve it?

Use colors in your outfit, with accessories like belts, scarves, ties, suspenders, or bow ties.

Opt for a blazer or a full suit in fabrics like velvet or satin.

Choose pants with visible seams.

¡Most importantly, have fun!

  1. Cocktail

It's time to enjoy these types of invitations! They provide a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere. However, you must consider two very important things: the time and the venue of the event. Dressing for a daytime cocktail is not the same as dressing for an evening one, just as the venue differs when it comes to being in an outdoor space versus a closed one like a hotel.

Consider the following when getting dressed:


If it's daytime, cotton pants are ideal. We recommend the Mauro pants in beige tone.

If it's nighttime, a more formal pair of pants is the best option. We suggest going for less traditional tones like green, blue, or gray.


Shirt in solid colors or with patterns, depending on your preference. If it's daytime, a sweater. If it's nighttime, a blazer can give you that formal touch you need. As for accessories, pocket squares for your blazer and a tie with patterns or colors you like to complement your shirt.

Remember that these types of events are ideal for networking or establishing new friendships, so opt for an outfit that is both formal and relaxed. Don't try too hard.

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