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Here's a survival guide for Estéreo Picnic 2023:

Here's a survival guide for Estéreo Picnic 2023:


We are counting down to one of the most important festivals in Colombia. We join the celebration with simple ideas to make your time at the festival as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

TO GET STARTED Bogotá can provide us with extraordinary weather, and we hope this is one of those occasions. To begin, we recommend simple, comfortable cotton t-shirts with cool prints.

KEY TIP: Bringing sunscreen and a cap is always a good idea.

TO SURVIVE The temperature drops at night, so be prepared for the chilly Bogotá weather. We advise you to bring a cotton jacket, or a good jacket.


KEY TIP: Remember to stay hydrated.

ENJOY! Enjoy the festival and tag us on social media using #FEPConSoloio. We want to see your festival look!

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