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How to combine colors, a guide for men

How to combine colors, a guide for men

Color is part of our DNA, which is why we always strive to b that little inspiration guide when it comes to combining and choosing the right colors for every occasion.

Knowing which colors suit you and how to use them correctly can help you project the image you want. Paying more attention to these details when getting dressed can bring you benefits.

There are color combinations that have worked for a lifetime and will continue to do so. Here, we show you which ones to go for and which ones are better to avoid.

Colors that go well together:

  • Military green with navy blue, beige, and white.
  • Burgundy with white, camel, and gray.
  • Beige with blue, white, and light brown.
  • Black with pink, blue, pastel shades, and red.

Colors you shouldn't combine:

  • Navy blue and black. While this combination is quite common, it doesn't usually look good when both colors are similar in tone. Always strive for a balance of tones.
  • Beige and yellowish tones. They are more difficult to combine as it depends on the shade of the color. If one is light, the other should be darker.

If you're looking for bolder combinations, we suggest playing with a monochromatic outfit. We say it's risky because you need to pay special attention to the tones and how they come together for the look to work. You can start by combining classic colors like blue or green, which have a wide range of tones available in the market and are easily accessible.

How to achieve it:

  • If you're just starting out, it's not necessary for the entire outfit to be the exact same tone. You can use accessories in complementary colors.
  • Use at least two different shades to truly showcase the play of monochromes.

What other color combination would you add? Leave us your comments, and remember that you can receive assistance in our physical stores.

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