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Men's Essentials: Loafers

Men's Essentials: Loafers

Loafers, like many other garments, emerge from a place in the past to reclaim themselves as a perfect option that fits seamlessly with casual business attire. Their versatility lies precisely in the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, along with the wide possibility they offer to adapt to one's own authentic style.

Loafers transport us to the 1950s with the American outfits of young university students, standing out as the characteristic footwear of the preppy style. Then in the 1990s, with Michael Jackson and his high-water pants and white socks, they took a leap into a more modern version of loafers while maintaining their classic format.

The truth is that this footwear is renewed and takes its place in the forefront of streetwear. Gradually, loafers have begun to gain more prominence both on the red carpet and in office attire.

Loafers have their origin in Europe, more specifically in Norway, during the 1920s, and their design was intended to be used in the countryside. Over time, new styles were created under the model of loafers, which refers to their characteristic slip-on shoe form without laces. Thus, designs like Penny or Hazel, which have a formal and traditional air, emerged, as well as Slipper or Driving loafers, which are characterized by their informality.

On the other hand, this garment is seen as a suitable option for genuine and unique men who carefully select their outfits. The options for wearing this type of footwear are varied:

  • Pairing them with classic linen pants with a slim fit, without socks, is suitable for a summery and effortless look.
  • If it comes to dressing them for a formal occasion, designs like Soloio's Hazel-style loafers, made of 100% calfskin and with rhodium hardware, are appropriate.
  • These shoes go perfectly with a solid-colored suit or a combination of textures and garments.
  • Wearing them with socks, classic trousers, or jeans is an alternative if you want to showcase a more classic version with a casual-chic touch. In this case, socks add a retro flair that looks great.

Do you already have your pair of loafers?

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