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Our famous linen shirts

Our famous linen shirts

Since 1994, our passion for design and men's aesthetics has driven us to evolve, transform, and transcend on our path to establishing Soloio. This need for growth propelled us to expand our production into new lines, where our linen has always stood out

We focus on designing, manufacturing, and delivering the best of European natural fibers that characterize us. We take pride in being recognized in Spain and Colombia for our accessories, complements, and linen shirts for men.

We have directed our attention to creating unique colors, improving our patterns, and refining our production processes. The colors are crafted using natural dyes, which results in tones that are unique and almost irreplicable. The patterns embody Italian tradition, made to last and provide comfort.

As for production processes, we are proud to say that over the years, we have significantly improved the use of natural dyes and their quality on natural fibers, as well as the proper printing on linen.

You can choose your favorite color

Feel welcome to visit us in our stores.

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