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Summer takes us to incredibly comfortable places - soloio

Summer takes us to incredibly comfortable places

With vacations just around the corner and that beach or mountain trip on hold, knowing how to enjoy your weekends is key. Whether it's attending a concert, going to a restaurant, or visiting an art gallery, dress for the occasion and start enjoying your days out of the office.

Comfortable, casual, and cosmopolitan is how we summarize the pre-vacation season and the vibe you should opt for. The key lies in how you combine each garment and in which occasions you wear them. Here are some outfit combinations for you to make the most of your free days and pre-vacation time.

How to dress for a dinner

Whether it's a dinner with friends or a date, your look should be up to the circumstances. We recommend playing with formal and casual pieces with prints. Pair dress pants with one of our famous printed shirts to give a twist to your look. Wear sneakers or loafers with standout socks that reflect your taste and personality. Remember that while less is more, you can add a touch of color and embrace that comfortable, casual, and cosmopolitan style.

How to dress for the office

During vacation season, take the opportunity to break away from the office routine. It's important not to lose the formal orientation of your daily dress code, but you can vary some elements. Opt for comfortable shoes that put you in a vacation mood, as well as loose or oversized pants and shirts. Combine them with sweaters and lightweight scarves.

How to dress for a concert

If your weekend plan involves music, go for comfort and versatility. Be aware of potential weather changes and how you can adapt to them. It's always a good idea to wear boots or sneakers that you don't mind getting dirty and a simple sweater that you can tie around your neck if it's hot or put on if it's cold. Get ready to move around and consider wearing cotton T-shirts, preferably with prints.

Enjoy your free time!

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