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unique and luxury shopping in cartagena

unique and luxury shopping in cartagena

cartagena: a premier caribbean tourist destination

cartagena stands out as a premier tourist destination in the caribbean, renowned for offering exclusive luxury experiences across gastronomy, shopping, and entertainment.

known as "la heroica," cartagena's name reflects its historical significance as a key military and commercial hub of the spanish crown in the americas. its legacy is marked by pivotal battles that earned it this revered title. today, cartagena's booming tourism sector has led to a diverse array of enterprises that enrich the overall visitor experience.

  • soloio store in san pedro: redefining luxury shopping

responding to escalating demand and aiming to expand their offerings, the newly unveiled soloio store in san pedro has redefined its creative and design identity. this promises an unparalleled shopping adventure in the caribbean.  

our store is located in calle san pedro claver #31-06, el centro, cartagena de indias

  • a unique caribbean shopping experience

at the store, visitors can explore a collection featuring european linen, distinctive prints, and vibrant color palettes. the combination of exquisite decor and a unique shopping concept sets a new standard in caribbean retail.


  • boutique and bistro: a blend of european heritage and caribbean gastronomy

meanwhile, downtown, the boutique and bistro seamlessly blend european heritage with caribbean gastronomy, ensuring a delightful culinary experience in a serene and inviting atmosphere.

 our bistro is located in calle del coliseo #35-14, cartagena de Indias

whether you're indulging in luxury shopping or exploring cultural treasures, cartagena promises an unforgettable journey.

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