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Where to celebrate Father's Day

Where to celebrate Father's Day

If you're planning to go out and celebrate this weekend, we have some recommendations in Bogotá, Barranquilla, and Cartagena for you to enjoy with your family.


Where to eat in Bogotá

80 Sillas in Usaquén, with a pleasant atmosphere, good wines, and seafood. The best choice for a family gathering. If you're looking for something new in the city, Tremé is ideal for family or friends' gatherings. Teir cuisine is a fusion of American and French.

Where to eat in Barranquilla


Sabina, for celebrations and entertainment, it's great for dinner. Their specialties are seafood and European cuisine. A classic in the coastal area, Cuzco offers Peruvian cuisine and is famous for its ceviches and meats.

Where to eat in Cartagena

If you're in the walled city, we recommend our Soloio Bistro, Mediterranean cuisine with unique flavors and a tranquil ambiance in the historic center of Cartagena. Perfect for romantic dates and family gatherings.

CARMEN, a fusion restaurant ideal for indulging in Colombian and seafood dishes. Picturesque and full of surprises on its menu.


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