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We are an Italian brand specializing in fashion and accessories for men. We continue to expand, and we already have 3 stores in Colombia.

 The first store was created under the name "Seteria Italiana" in 1994 in Madrid. We were primarily dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and sale of ties. Later on, we managed to open around 7 stores to offer our customers more exclusive, varied, trendy, and high-quality garments.

 Once established as a brand in the Spanish industry, we decided to change our name to "SOLOIO Disegno Italiano," a brand that is described as different, passionate, and Italian.

 In 2012, we saw the need to expand to Colombia. So, we decided to move to the country, and today, we have stores in Bogotá, Cartagena, and Barranquilla.

 We have our own line of clothing and accessories for men, and we manufacture limited units per model with high-quality standards, preserving traditional tailoring techniques.

 One of our greatest investments is in the online channel, and we hope to continue growing and captivating the Colombian market through the digital world. A little bit of the history of the SOLOIO family: "One day, I decided to leave everything behind and seek new horizons." This motto of the Durban Brizio family, who leads the Soloio brand, is a rising value - bravery and the determination to move forward.

The Durban Brizio family, creators and founders of the Soloio brand, have a way of living with authenticity, breaking away from conventions and rigidity, and above all, with the strength of being unique individuals in the world.

 The couple, formed by Alejandra Brizio and Fernando Durban, met in Italy in the 1980s and got married in Spain in the 1990s. They have three children, who currently work in the Soloio brand. Alejandra Durban is currently in charge of planning and strategy.

 With Argentinian, Italian, and Spanish roots, this family, in constant pursuit of emotional values, holds a deep sensitivity to fashion and possesses extensive knowledge of the men's market. They lead one of the brands with a remarkable trajectory in the Spanish and Latin American markets.
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